I am currently a Visiting Lecturer in Geography at Mount Holyoke College. In 2017 I received by PhD in Geography from UCLA, and I also hold an MA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco.

A political and cultural geographer by training, I study territorial conflict and land - both societies' connections to land and various means of control over it - primarily in Israel/Palestine. My research examines the construction of home(land) in contested territory, everyday life in conflict zones, material and discursive mechanisms of territorial control, and how the construction of belonging for one group depends on the displacement and dispossession of another. My use of ethnographic and qualitative methods is aimed at representing the world in a way that captures subjects' understandings, feelings, and choices, while applying a critical eye to the reality they perceive and seek to (re)produce.


Recent News

September 2017 - Began a new position as Visiting Lecturer in Geography at Mount Holyoke College.

June 2017 - Successfully defended and filed my dissertation at UCLA.

June 2017 - Featured in UCLA College Magazine: Cover and full spread on "Women in the Social Sciences: The road to gender balance among tenure-track faculty.